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Sarpedon Global Trade became the official supplier of Amazon Turkey

Amazon Resmi Tedarikçisi

Sarpedon Global Trade, a subsidiary of Soycan Group of Companies, became the official supplier of the US e-commerce giant Amazon’s Turkey platform! Within the scope of the cooperation, Sarpedon will carry out the wholesale of toys, books and other products belonging to the brands to Amazon with the official Amazon representation of many important Turkish brands.

Sarpedon Global Trade, a subsidiary of Soycan Group of Companies operating in the fields of international trade and e-commerce, started sales in the status of “Vendor” on the Turkey platform of Amazon, the world leader in e-commerce.

Sarpedon Global Trade, which entered all marketplaces in Turkey after publishing Sarpedon Kids, ane-commerce platform that includes children’s products aged 0-14, and started B2C sales with the Sarpedon Kids brand for the first time, was determined as a “Vendor Seller” by Amazon Turkey as a result of its close relations with Amazon Turkey and the qualified service it offers to Amazon. In Amazon, which has two business models as “Vendor” seller (dealer) or standard seller, sales can be made to the end consumer as a standard seller, while in the Vendor sales model, which can be entered with the invitation of Amazon, businesses sell the products of the brands they are official representatives of directly to Amazon in wholesale form (B2B).

About the cooperation with Amazon Turkey, Soycan Group of Companies’ Chairman Yılmaz Soycan said: “While we bring our products together with the end consumer with our Sarpedon Kids brand in Amazon Turkey, as Sarpedon Global, we started to supply the products of Turkey’s leading brands wholesale to Amazon Turkey with our B2B sales experience we have had for years. With the progress of this cooperation, we aim to make B2B and B2C sales not only in Amazon Turkey but also on Amazon’s platforms in other countries.”

Emphasizing that Sarpedon is already operating with its companies in Turkey, Belarus and Ukraine, Yılmaz Soycan said, “We have decided to invest in the e-commerce field, where we see a great potential by combining our capabilities in logistics and international trade. In this context, we entered all marketplaces in Turkey simultaneously with our e-commerce platform, which we launched in February 2021. As Sarpedon Global Trade, we aim to develop our commercial activities for both leading brands and our own brands thanks to our US and UK companies that will be operating soon and the investments we will make on e-export in these countries.”