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About Soycan Group of Companies

Soycan Şirket Grubu Hakkında

Soycan Group of Companies carries out trade activities in national and intercontinental scale with its 14 companies in Turkey, Belarus, Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria, United States of America and United Kingdom operating in logistics, international trade, automotive, forest products and food-livestock sectors.

Laid the foundations in 1952, Soycan Group of Companies has been proceeding on its way with the strength it has gained from the principles of honesty and reliability since the very first day of its establishment. The Group creates a difference not only with the successful integration of its companies and partner organizations, but also with its operational capacity in the field. It carries the multicultural commercial tradition of Anatolia to the countries of the nearby geography and then to the whole world while contributing to the international trade through its successful flow dynamics created among the companies to produce services in the field of international trade and carry out independent projects.

Having specialized in combining the right product in the right location with the most appropriate procurement method and effective project management thanks to its years of experience and wide operational network, Soycan Group of Companies closely follows all innovations experienced in global trade system and shares its experience in these fields with its partners.

Having adopted the principle of “Getting from East, presenting to the West” with its 100% Turkish capital and independent structure, Soycan Group of Companies produces innovative solutions in all sectors it has been operating and improves itself each day in addition to reaching to a point where it can compete in global scale with all its companies. Offering service with local teams within the scope of its strategy to be local in countries where it is operating, the group serves as a strategic partner that conducts active trade activities with 15 countries.

Soycan Group of Companies aims to expand its knowledge and experience, and share them and benefit while proceeding on its way. While carrying its customers and partners to success in line with the commercial goals, it aims to take a root within the global economy by contributing to the strengthening of the regional economy.

The griffin placed on the logo of Soycan Group of Companies is a lion-bodies, eagle-headed and winged character that has taken place in mythology of many civilizations. This character which is strong enough to carry an elephant with its paws is extremely brave and proud. Griffin that is the evangelist of victory and peace in some mythologies, and the protector of material values such as gold in others has been symbolized as a respected character with an eagle’s farsighted ability.