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Operating across all market places in Turkey, Sarpedon has been chosen as “the Vendor” (Amazon Turkey’s official vendor) as a result of its close relations with Amazon Turkey and high quality service offered to Amazon. Sarpedon conducts wholesale (B2B) sales of toys, books and other products of the brands through the official Amazon representation of major Turkish brands as well as bringing the products of distinguished brands to the end consumer in marketplaces such as Hepsiburada, Trendyol and Çiçek Sepeti. Through the investments it has made, Sarpedon has started B2B and B2C sales activities on Amazon US and Amazon UK.

Backed by the experience and operational capacity of Soycan Group of Companies in different sectors and geographies, Sarpedon offers the most accurate, healthy and quality products for the “0-14 age group” at economical prices over Sarpedon Kids, the e-commerce platform it launched in early-2021, as well as its operations in the market places.

Launching its activities with the aim of being the leader e-commerce platform to offer most prestigious, high quality and reliable baby and child products across Turkey, expands its product range day by day by adding new products to contribute to children’s physical, mental and cognitive development. continues its efforts to grow in global scale with its own capital in addition to its local activities, and it dreams of becoming a global brand to put a smile on faces of parents and children across different geographies.

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