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SG 500 HSPM Hydraulic System the Prism of the Machine



The body of the machine is of steel construction. The upper saw shaft is moving and saws of different sizes may be mounted. There are 9 electric motors and 4 hydraulic motors on the machine. 4 cutting saws can operate on the machine. The cylinders on the outlet area of the machine function as pressure and conveyor until the material leaves the machine. The material measurement scale is digital and mechanic. The pins on the plank pushing hook are variable.

There are hydraulic and wood revolving cylinders on the machine. In case of sticky or hard material or situations alike, it can be decreased down to (O) D/D through the speed adjustment of the Hydro-motor. Loading into the plank inlet conveyor on the machine can be done from either left or right. However, you should be careful about the direction of plank fixing arms.


  • Length – width – height : 2000 – 310 – 225 cm
  • Approximate weight : 9,250 kg
  • Saw shaft motor : 4 x 30 Kw 3000 D/D
  • Hydraulic motor : 7,5 Kw 1500 D/D
  • Saw conveyor motor : 1,5 Kw 40 D/D outlet, redirector Shaft diameter Ø35mm
  • Material measurement motor : 1,5 Kw 30 D/D outlet, flange = Ø200, Rabbet = Ø130, Shaft = Ø35mm redirector
  • Pushing tip H. Pump : 24 Liter
  • B. Cylinder H. Pump : 6,54 Liter
  • B. Cylinder H.P. Motor : 1,50 Kw 1400 D/D (Flanged)
  • B. Cylinder H. Motor : 160 EPM
  • Plank Pushing H. Motor : 400 EPHM
  • Plank Revolving H. Motor : 400 EPM
  • Saw diameter : Max 750 mm
  • Saw hole diameter : 75 mm
  • Cutting diameter : Max. 500 mm
  • Cutting width : Min 100 mm , Max 250 mm
  • Number of Saws : 4
  • Saw speed : 1700 d/d
  • Cutting speed : 0+20 m/d
  • Color : Ocean Blue


H.P.M.500 Hydraulic System the Prism of the Machine; max: 500mm and 6000 mm in length timber group of products in a single transaction, 2 taking cover makes the process. Cutting diamond circular saws are provided with. The saws to be taken from the measuring range of the min: 100 mm , max : 250 mm. The machine is attached to the body, which saw the move operation, the gearbox by means of calls. The control panel digital dashboard on the measurement ranges with buttons to follow. The machine on which is connected to the top of the saw shafts can be set manually. Max: 750 mm , Min: 650 mm sawing can be installed. The purpose of the small-scale logging sector is done, saw the measure is to shrink and the tree a lot of media shavings will reduce. Machine speed so full when used in 1 minute 20 m length, cutting process. For example, 500 mm in diameter , at 6000mm length of a log properly accepted, 1.1775 m3 makes . Machine 1 hour of the normal 70 m3 cutting of trees can be performed. Made this account 4 angled over the machine calculated. H.P.M.500 Hydraulic System the Prism of the Machine; 8-Saw and 12 Glass products group. The purpose of the ta timber tree in the middle of the multi-slitting for lata tree besides taking 2 or 4 pieces of wood product discharge is possible. The resulting 2pcs cover finished at the same time Taking Cover of the machine are sent.

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