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About us

Global and local

Adopted the understanding of “Be global, act local”, Sarpedon Global Trade carries out the online and offline marketing activities of different goods in various branches with its international trade expert team.

With its long-lasting experience in international trade, strong relations established and special agreements entered with local and global public and private sector associates as well as its professional staff providing service in different languages, Sarpedon offers its partners with reliable and high profit trade activity opportunities and carries out import and export activities.

In the global world where the trade capacity is increasing each day, Sarpedon, your global partner that is ready to conduct business with different cultures in different country markets shares its knowledge and strong connections in international market with its partners for marketing and sale of your products.

Our Brands

Sarpedon Kids Logo

Sarpedon aims to become one of the leading e-commerce platforms that offer the most prestigious, high quality and reliable baby and children’s products across Turkey through its Sarpedon Kids brand.

Wooden Republic

Sarpedon performs manufacturing and export activities for its household products in local and international markets with the wooden products made from unique trees, under the roof of Wooden Republic brand.

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