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Global and local

Adopted the understanding of “Be global, act local”, Sarpedon Globl Trade carries out the online and offline marketing activities of different goods in various branches with its international trade expert team.

Sarpedon Global Trade carries out the trade activities for different goods in different branches through companies in Turkey, Belarus, Bulgaria, Ukraine, England and United States of America, and supplies wood and forest products to large companies in the EU, Middle East, Far East, America and England, and undertakes the distributorship of woodworking machines in Belarus and Ukraine, and produces and sells wooden products under the Wooden Republic brand, and continues its activities in the field of e-commerce on a local and global scale. Additionally, it conducts online and offline toy marketing in Turkey and across the world under the distributorship agreement entered with the Polesie brand which is the biggest plastic toy producer in the world.

Acting in close collaboration with government and private product suppliers for proper product quality and regular deliveries, Sapedon Global is the sole authorized broker of Belarus Universal Commodity Exchange Market and it creates a constant supply chain in intercountry purchase-sale services for companies by supplying different product groups from different countries.

As a result of bringing its logistics and international trade competencies together and investing in e-trade for which it has seen a great potential and gained momentum with the panemic, Sarpedon Kids, one of the brands of Sarpedon Global Trade has been born and started to serve as an e-commerce platform in February 2021 as Sarpedon Global Trade aims to develop its commercial activities in various product groups with the Sarpedon Kids brand through American and British companies.

Having determined as the “Vendor” as a result of its close relations with Amazon Turkey and high quality services it has offered to Amazon, Sarpedon Global Trade conducts wholesale (B2B) sales of toys, books and other products of the brands through the official Amazon representation of major Turkish brands as well as bringing the products of distinguished brands to the end consumer in marketplaces such as Hepsiburada, Trendyol and Çiçek Sepeti. Through the investments it has made, Sarpedon has started B2B and B2C sales activities on Amazon US and Amazon UK.

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Our Brands