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SG 100 DSM Hydraulic System 2 Floating Side of Getting Slicer



The body of the machine is of steel construction. It operates with 3 saws – 1 fixed, 2 moving. The moving saws are moved with the piston with an electric remote. It cleans both sides of the material simultaneously and 2 different products with different sizes are obtained. Direction set squares are not used in materials whose sides are not clean. The conveyor and pressure cylinder are moved with a hydro-motor. Speed adjustment without a stage is possible. It displays the size of the cutting material and its measurement scales are remote controlled. The movement of the pressure cylinders upwards and downwards is hydraulic piston remote controlled.


  • Length-width-height : 3300 – 1600 – 1600 mm
  • Approximate weight : 1910 Kg
  • Main motor power : 30 Hp 3000 D/D
  • Hydraulic motor power : 4 Hp 1500 D/D
  • Saw diameter : Ø 400 mm
  • Cutting thickness : 120 mm
  • Cutting width : 600 mm
  • Saw speed : 3000 D/D
  • The width to be cut : 700 mm
  • Number of saws : 3
  • Main shaft diameter : Ø 58 mm
  • Cutting speed : 0+40 m/d
  • Cylinder revolving hydro-motor : EPRM 125
  • Belt size : 2350 SPB belt quantity: 3
  • Color : Green and Orange


SG 100  DSM Hydraulic System 2 Floating Side of Getting Slicer; max: 120 mm, height of the board of the group products in a single process, the desired size in the range of the board, group of trees in the sides of the desired measure taken action. Cutting diamond circular saws are provided with. Saw shaft is fixed. Max 400mm saw can be installed. Attractive rolls hydraulic motor. The top of the printing cylinder movement hydraulic setting operation is performed. Machine speed so full when used in 1 minute 20 m length, cutting process. For example, 120 mm in height , at 6000mm length 200mm wide plank properly accepted, 0.29 m3 makes . Machine 1 hour bicilmemis 17 m3 cutting of trees can be performed. The calculation of the dimensions may vary.

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