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Wooden Products

Sarpedon carries out wooden house products manufacturing and export activities in local and international markets under the Wooden Republic brand.

Designing the eating and drinking culture all over again by combining the natural and minimal style inspired by the nature, Wooden Republic revives the feeling of purification that comes from touching a tree with its wooden products made from unique trees.  It continues its journey starting from the purest form of wood until transforming wood into the most aesthetic and practical form.

By bringing the nature together with its products designed in great variety of types from catering concepts to decoration products, Wooden Republic revives not only the senses but also the most missed feelings hidden in the subconscious.

It combines the natural with functionality and elegance with its products designed through different concepts for different areas of use. It believes that the more it combines the texture and energy of wood with the living spaces, the more powerful the nature gets.

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    Wooden Republic