M.Y.M. 760


Machine body is steel construction. Saw blades with different diameters can be fitted to the top of the moving shaft. 3 units available in the electric motor on the machine. Electrical Cable, located in the upper part of the machine reducer, when changing the saw blade replacement is facilitated by the rope attached to the hook at the end. Saw resin coated surfaces of the valve and the fuel spray to clean the air.


Length – Width – Height : 2200 – 1700 – 2850

Approximate Weight : 2910 kg

Saw Spindle Motor : 2 x 37 Kv 3000 D / D

Saw Tractor Engine : 0.75 Kv 37 D / D Output Reducer

Disc Diameter : max 1000, min 700 mm

Saw Blade Diameter : 75 mm

Cutting Width : max 760 mm

Saw Quantity : 2

Saw Age : 1000

Cutting speed : 0 +20 m / d



MYM760 Mechanical System Log Splitting Machine, max: 760mm across the length of the set of timber products will be processed in a single operation by car boulder makes the process of slicing the desired dimensions.

Circular saws with diamond cutting process is provided. On cars which timber is provided with forward and return process. Max: 1000 mm, Min: 700 mm saw blade can be installed. The goal is to shrink the size of small-diameter logs and wood manufactures cutting blade when done would be to reduce the shavings. Machine speed rapidity complete cutting process used in 1 minute is 13 meters long. For example, 500 mm diameter, 3000 mm long been considered properly 0.2944 m3 of timber does. As a 1-hour uncut tree cutting machine can be 36 m3. The calculation process may vary with operating conditions.

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